The Norms Of Burning Phase of HCG Diet Plan

The second phase of the HCG Diet Plan is called the burning phase. As the name suggest, the burning phase is all about burning the calories and fats accumulation in your body. it is doing the chores that will bring those extra pounds to the lower count in order to make you attain the desired body weight. You can guess it right that as in the loading phase, you grabbed as much high calorie and fat diet as you could do, the second phase burning refers to taking up the low calorie diet.

Rather I would like saying that it is all about taking up not the low calorie diet but exactly the very low calorie diet. The basics of burning phase hovers around feeding your body at very low calorie diet and the HCG drops. The two combines for the betterment of your body. All it takes the strict follow up and never ever losing your spirit of taking up the very low calorie diet. It will surely help you like no other thing. As far as your strength and energy is concerned, jot it down in your mind that HCG Diet Plan helps you sound amount of energy to stay perfectly active all day long meeting your tasks and routine responsibilities.

The burning phase of HCG Diet Plan helps you within twenty-one days or for few people it may take forty-one days. It depends that how fast or rapidly your body responds to the HCG Diet Plan in order to burn up the calories. The very low calorie diet, of course, includes meats, vegetables, fruits and drinks but all of the very low calorie lot. The recommended stuff that you can help with gives you complete nourishment besides depending upon the type of food that will not add up in your body weight like the general routine life’s diet. If you are not sticking to the recommended foodstuff of the HCG Diet Plan than remember that HCG Drops will not help you any longer. The weight lose up to 40 pounds requires a definite duration of 40 days.

For your morning you are all free to consume coffee or tea but with a limitation of sugar free. The sweeteners like stevia etc. can be mixed to get the sweet taste. The breakfast shall be ended with the prescribed quantity of HCG Drops. Now it’s time to take up the lunch, you shall be munching up the proteins something from meat (fish, chicken, lobster, crab, shrimp, lean beef). Besides proteins, you need one vegetable pick from tomatoes, asparagus, lettuce, cabbages, cucumber or spinach like stuff. The best is to stick to the green vegetables.

The next item that your lunch shall be accompanied with is breadstick or Melba toast. Then come getting your body the fruits from strawberries, grapefruit and apple. The dinner dish shall be filled with protein, vegetable and fruit. You have to take proteins up to 100 gram along with one fruit and one vegetable serving. Follow the lunch and dinner with HCG drops as recommended.  Do not detract from this plan to complete the burning phase 2  successfully.

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