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John Anderson Reviews, Montreal, CA

Lost 20 Kilos Up To Now!

Hi, my name is Anderson. I was struggling hard to reduce weight over the last few years and ultimately be successful in shedding several pounds of weight. I have already lost about 20 kilos within only 2 months and still continued with it. Although I had been quite difficult at times without the delay I would not have prepared well. I didn’t realize how far I had let myself go, which repeatedly supported me to get my self-esteem.

Undoubtedly, I can state that reducing several pounds of weight supported me tremendously to show up my internal beauty and now I am in a practice to taking great care of myself. With reducing 20 kilos, I have been learned that I want new clothes now. My journey towards losing weight is still continued as I want to shed another 10-15 kilos. I know I will get this target as well.

The all I can say that HCG diet is a change in lifestyle, not a dietary supplement!



Joana Andrew Reviews, Edmonton, CAHCG Diet Review 2

HCG Diet Canada Really Worked For Me!

After came to know the fact that my elder sister has already lost several pounds of weight with HCG Diet and hearing a lot with respect to this product. I lastly made a decision to give it a try. At first, I was somewhat doubtful after inspecting such reasonable price, particularly, with the word hormone free, however, on the other side; I have previously read out lots of clients reviews with respect to breathtaking results provided by this product so I finally decided to procure it.

My weight before using HCG Diet was 169 and I started using these supplements by consuming approx. 500 calories a day. I started taking 10 drops of HCG diet 3 times a day right after taking my breakfast, lunch and dinner and I got just tremendous results with that.

I observed that I started to lose 1 pound a day. Recently, I have enrolled in a gym with taking these diet drops and reduce about 2 to 3 pounds right after completing a workout session. HCG drops are just wonderful in results!



Linda William Reviews, Calgary, CA

Incredible Results!

I was feeling a bit worried starting with the weight of 125 kg. I was exclusively out of energy to walk around with my family or not capable to accomplish anything on Saturday and Sunday which was quite intricate for me as I like being involved in some outdoor activities like bike riding, long drive etc. particularly with my family. While I started on a 25-day diet plan, accessible all across the world and now I am losing to 80 kilos. I feel so pleased and feel quite lively and energetic to perform certain outdoor activities with my kids, specifically, love to go on long drive with an extreme level of satisfaction. HCG diet Canada is just amazing in results!



Eliza Marvin Reviews, Vancouver,CA

It’s Really Amazing!!!

I bought HCG diet just a few weeks back and I am not in need of losing my several pounds of weight. Currently, I am on the 10th day of pursuing HCG diet plan as it worked fantastically for me. Thank you so much for your prompt phone call response in a sensible manner. I will definitely contact you again for shedding more pounds.



Such reviews from users in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal, Ottawa, Quebec and all around Canada, make it the most effective weight loss product in Canada!



The more you know about HCG diet drops, the better off you’ll be in terms of consuming them efficiently and obtaining the best weight loss results you desire for. These diet drops is not a magical bullet; it is scientific equipment that when used rightly and in accordance with Dr Simeons’ protocols can eventually result in the loss of one pound a day or more.

Are HCG Drops Better Than Injections?

The jury is still out on this one. We can assertively say but that while injections may work better for some individual, we have noticed the same, if not better outcomes in individuals who utilize the homeopathic liquid drops.

Furthermore, these diet drops are easy to store, easy to purchase and easy to use. Lastly, this diet liquid is highly cost-effective to use, a bottle with two-ounce weight is sufficient for an entire forty-day program.

Why Won’t The FDA Approve These Diet Drops?

This is a sticking point for lots of individuals, and a major source of the best deal of misinformation eventually lead towards superfluous concern. Firstly, keep in mind that the FDA has actually not actively come out beside the use of these diet drops as a best weight loss medication. Indeed, the FDA has long approved these diet drops for other uses, just like treating several issues of fertility and delayed puberty in young people. Undoubtedly, the FDA has long approved these drops for other uses, just like treating issues of fertility and delayed adolescence in people of young age.

You may be astonished that the HCG industry is not essentially in divergence with the FDA on this concern, as mentioned already, these diet drops by itself don’t do anything to make you shed off several pounds of weight. Relatively, it is merely an element that activates your own fat burning process of human body provided that Dr Simeons’ protocols are followed in a right manner.

As long as you recognize this, load up on carb and fats for the initial two days, stick to the 500 calories for the next 30 days, then avoid fats and carbs for another three weeks prior slowly reinstating them into your diet. You will experience wonderful results without feeling hungry deprived all the time.

What About Vitamin Supplements To Lose Weight?

This issue varies from one individual to another, in accordance to Dr Simeons; individuals who are suffering from dental problems should possibly take vitamin D and Calcium; otherwise, vitamin C weight loss supplements are the only ones an individual should be using. Based on researchers, studies and users, this sort of low-calorie diet enable you to shed off undesired fats without worrying if you will be burning your muscles. This is how the magic of these diet drops actually works.

A person who is passionate enough to use these drops may decide on several kinds of HCG and for numerous health plan kits. This is also available in oral drops form. These oral drops are available in several flavours with an intention to satisfy your cravings for hunger. Proven Case Studies of Success in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal, Ottawa, Quebec and all around Canada!

HCG Drops is at the top of the list of respected products for losing weight which ensures the intake of very restrictive diet for an efficient reduction in weight. The success of this diet plan is due to a great combination of right dosage of drops and low-calorie diet, which one may not be able to get together with any other diet program. Serious people always take a serious step on any issue in the life and that is why a selection of successful people is only HCG drops. Before making you busy in reading further benefits of this product we would like to talk about ingredients of an amazing product. History of these drops is just one hormone previously found in the body of females during the tenure of pregnancy.

A detailed study revealed that nature has provided this hormone in the females which is generated during pregnancy to absorb and spread the ingested food in a healthy manner. For the development and growth of the baby, female has to eat double quantity of food for her organism and for the baby’s but when proper diet is not taken then this hormone gives the signal to the mind to burn the accumulated fat in the body to fulfill the requirement of the energy for baby growth and mother’s body. It is obvious that during pregnancy a woman needs more energy for two lives but external intake of food sometimes does not meet the requirement of the body. This fat burning property in the female body to produce and provide energy has given this hormone the name of fat burner.

HCG Diet Drops Canada

In the same manner, when this hormone in shape of HCG diet drops is taken externally, it gives the same signal to the mind just like in pregnant females and mind has to follow the signals. All stored fat starts to burn with this hormone present in the body and you get your ideal figure in a natural way. Low intake of food and eating small quantities in chunks make sure that body is unable to get the required level of energy from the food. To fulfil the energy demand in the body extra energy is produced by transforming stored fat in the body. Low-calorie intake forces your organism to shut down and in a state of starving all the time energy level is maintained by the hormone.

Hypothalamic Gland is held responsible for storage of fat in the body and complete research has shown that in obese people this gland works very slowly. In a normal person these glands work properly by spreading fat where needed but when a person becomes the victim of obesity this gland does not work properly and more than needed fat starts to pile up in the body. HCG Diet drops amazingly serve the users as a fat burner, appetite controller as well as a restorer of the hypothalamic gland. That is why when a user gets desired level of weight he or she does not get fat again due to the proper functioning of this gland. Proven Case Studies of Success in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal, Ottawa, Quebec and all around Canada!

The next to loading and burning phases is the stabilization phase, (commonly known as Phase 3). This phase is the last but surely not the least as it is a sort of the last touch to get the best finishing of your whole HCG Diet Plan. The stabilization phase subjects bringing a balance to your body, food and routine. You need to take a closer look whatever you eat. However, it is true that you will cherish more freedom to eat more proteins. Still, you need to stay away from some sort of foods that can ruin all of your hard work of the past days. Generally, it is noticed that people become confused after the completion of the second phase because they take t as the last one or take the last one as too light, so they do not opt taking it that much seriously.

The third phase also requires you to keep a balanced diet taking regular checks of your diet calories and body weight. Here you have to add more of the proteins in your diet or say a kind of heavy proteins. Suppose if you were asked to ditch the intake of the liver than now you are recommended to intake liver as an essential part of your diet. You can have more of the variety of meat, for instance, pork chops, sausages, hotdogs (but do not take it too much as it is too much heavy on the calorie side), lamb and so on. All of these proteins will help you get back n the routine diet without messing up with your past set of daily workout and hardships.

You can feast your favourite fish with the permission of eating the yummy salmon, elk, trout, sardines, tuna, herring and all that you were told not eating at any cost. The fruits and vegetable bracket also increases in this last phase of the HCG Diet Plan. Remember to take them in small quantities throughout the day. The poultry stuff including turkey, pheasant, goose and duck. You are all allowed to intake the protein shakes as well. The intake of protein shakes will help your body getting fine energy without making it flabby. Apart from the type of foodstuff you can take during the third phase of HCG Diet Plan, you need to keep an open eye on your weight on the daily basis.

Make sure that you weigh yourself right after going to the excreting the urine. It will help you get the factual figure. Afterwards, you can start up with your breakfast. You have not to take the HCG Drops further as you have already achieved the desired body weight level during the burning phase (phase 2). All you need is to stay away from the foods those are rich in starch, carbohydrates and sugars. The foodstuff rich in these elements can totally ruin your harvesting. Now is the right time to get the prep for reaping the top crop. You shall keep away your jaws from the lentils, kidney, yams, beets, avocado, corn, celeriac, peas, water chestnuts, dates, pomegranates, mangoes, grapes, banana, tangerines, prunes, cherries and so on. Hundreds of Success Stories in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal, Ottawa, Quebec and all around Canada!

HCG Diet Reviews

I was very upset due to extra fat. I tried many things but no success whatsoever. Then I was recommended to uses HCG diet  drops from one of my best friend. I bought diet plan online and finally started to lose extra fat gradually! I can now confidently state that its assisted me to lose from 10 lbs within 30 days only!

Faith Cox, St Felicien, QC

Buying HCG Diet drops have completely changed my whole life. I followed diet plan on daily basis and lost about 15 kilos in just about 2-3 months time span. I feel quite energetic with using . Now, I am in a habit to go for a long walk each morning with my children and not get tired. I am quite satisfied with breathtaking results provided by this product, Thank you so much!

Rose Q. Brown, Edmonton, AB

I bought HCG diet Canada just a few weeks back and I am not in need with losing my several pounds of weight. Currently, I am on the 10th day of pursuing this plan as it worked fantastically for me. Thank you so much for your prompt phone call response in a sensible manner. I will definitely contact you again for shedding more pounds.

Ellie Buckley, Newmarket, ON